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Every year we gather a panel of high level musicians, experts and academics. Through inspiring talks, they will share their knowledge and experience of working with music and young audiences.


A wide array of subjects are discussed, from creative networking and the European cultural funding landscape to audience perception and interaction.


On top of that, each YAM delegate, young audience professionals and performers themselves, has something to bring to the discussion from their own experience and we look very much forward to brilliant and passionate debates.

Michael Blair


Michael Blair is a composer and percussionist who has performed with some of the most famous and celebrated names in music: Tom Waits, Elvis Costello, Lou Reed, Jeff Buckley and The Pogues, to name just a few. In addition, he has worked in film, as a music director and arranged and produced for the likes of Ryan Adams and Victoria Williams.

"You're playing for who?"

Internationally-acclaimed drummer, percussionist, composer, producer and arranger

David Hargreaves

Sarah Goldfarb

Sarah Goldfarb is a trained composer and performer, a cultural mediator and a pedagogy expert. She has worked on various cultural projects in Europe. In 2004 she founded the center of expression and creativity ReMuA (Network of Musicians Speakers in Workshops). It sets up a training consisting of workshops for professionals and amateurs and a pool of resources for artists and pedagogues.

Founder: REMUA (Network of Musician-Speakers for Workshops)

“That’s classic! New approaches to old music”

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Carmela Cutugno

European Commission


Carmela Cutugno works for the Directorate General for Education and Culture at the European Commission in Brussels where, during the last four years, she has been dealing mostly with the international dimension of EU policy and programmes in the field of culture, including the Creative Europe programme. Before that she was a University Research Fellow and Visiting Scholar at New York University and Brown University, and she worked for the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in New York. Carmela holds a European Joint PhD in Intercultural Dialogue and two Master’s degrees from the University of Bologna and the London School of Economics and Political Sciences.

"What's in Store for Creative Europe 2020+?"

portugese guy.jpg

Jorge Prendas

Jorge Prendas was born in Porto in 1968 and studied composition and education at the Conservatório de Música do Porto and the University of Aveiro. His work, including work in the field of electronic music, has earned him multiple international awards. He helped create the vocal acapella group Vozes da Rádio and has worked extensively in film, both as a composer and actor.


In addition, he has led seminars and lectures on various musical topics, including at a community level. Since 2007, he has collaborated with Casa da Música's Educational Service, of which he has been Coordinator since September 2010, where he has developed and directed numerous projects and shows. 

Head of Education, Casa da Musica (Portugal)

"Lost in Translation"

Violeta Amargant


L’Auditori, founded in March 1999, is Barcelona's most recently created music venue and the home of the Barcelona Symphony Orchestra. L’Auditori is a national institution which aims to bring Catalonia and Barcelona worldwide recognition through its ongoing, inclusive musical activities. These include an extensive social programme with an educational service aimed at audiences of all types, helping to make culture accessible to all under the leadership of the Apropa Cultura programme. L'Auditori is the focal point for the dissemination of music in Barcelona and education and research in this field.

"Establishing Dialogues"

Head of Education, L’Auditori de Barcelona


Professor of Music at the University of La Rioja since 1999 Miguel Ángel Marín’s research focuses on instrumental music in Spain during the eighteenth century. He is also interested in aspects related to intellectual property in music works and music management. He is the principal investigator of the Group "Music in Spain in the Modern Age: composition, reception and interpretation". Funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports. Within the musical management he is particularly interested in music programming.


From his position as Director of the Music Program of the Juan March Foundation he tries to merge musicology and programming, a premise known as "Programming through concepts".

Fundación Juan March

“Challenging Your Audience"

John Carnwath


John Carnwath's work at WolfBrown primarily focuses on arts funding, cultural policy, and related issues of measurement and evaluation. Past projects have included a literature review for Arts Council England on the impact and value of cultural experiences; an assessment of the needs of artists and other creatives living in Austin, Texas, for the city’s Cultural Arts Division; an extensive examination of Northwest Arkansas’ cultural infrastructure for the Walton Family Foundation; and the development of a taxonomy for tracking support for individual artists for Grantmakers in the Arts.

"What's Your Impact?"

WolfBrown Consulting

To attend YAMsession 2018

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