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Every year we gather a panel of high level musicians, experts and academics. Through inspiring talks, they will share their knowledge and experience of working with music and young audiences.


A wide array of subjects are discussed, from creative networking and the European cultural funding landscape to audience perception and interaction.


On top of that, each YAM delegate, young audience professionals and performers themselves, has something to bring to the discussion from their own experience and we look very much forward to brilliant and passionate debates.

Annabel Jackson

(United Kingdom)


Annabel Jackson is an evaluator with twenty six years experience. Her team includes specialists in the arts, small business development, community development, social enterprise, international aid and regeneration, as well as 10 interviewers. We specialise in producing and implementing practical evaluation and performance measurement systems that contribute to strategic planning and organisational development. We have pioneered work on outcome evaluation within a learning approach.

Director / Evaluator at Annabel Jackson Associates and Co-chair at American Evaluation Association Arts and Culture Group

Annabel Jackson
"14 Provocations about evaluation "
download (2).jpg

Tuulikki Laes


Musical performance helps rebuild our identity and deliver different perceptions of who we are. This opportunity should be available throughout the life-course by supporting everyone to become a musician, irrespective of their age, skills or experience. Based on her research and practice, Tuulikki will offer insights on how collective music learning and performing can help change personal and societal attitudes alongside one’s identity. She believes that by creating accessible intergenerational music learning communities, we will ensure the positive change towards solidarity between generations today and those to come.

CEO at RockHubs

Tuulikki Laes
“Performance changes perception:
Bringing generations together through music”

Wouter Van Looy



The classical music world feels a strong need to share their heritage with young audiences. But where do you begin when the repertoire written for children is limited and the heritage so impressive? This is the question Wouter Van Looy is putting forward and Big Bang - an adventurous music festival for young audiences - is one of the responses. Based on his experience as a highly active player in the international music scene, Wouter discusses the challenges and traps in presenting classical music for young audiences.

Director Zonzo Compagnie

"Challenges and traps in presenting (classical) music for young audiences"

Maria Frej


Maria is both the Music Director at TIVOLI and a local Danish politician, striving to stand up for culture and children’s rights to have access to it. At YAMsession she will explore the relationship between the political and cultural spheres and how they can work better with one another to improve the lives of young people and children.

Music Director for Tivoli Orchestras and

Classical Music, Culture Department

"From musical enthusiasm to political reality?"
Wouter Van Looy
Maria Frej

Omar Shahryar


75792-0323 medium square (2).jpg

Participatory art practices have been around for over 50 years, but have only recently been considered as one of the most cutting edge and valuable practices to be applied in classical music and opera education. By outlining participatory practices used in some of the world’s leading opera houses and concert halls, as well as sharing his experiences creating the YAMAward Best Opera for Young People, A Shoe Full of Stars, Omar will make a case for the development of participatory arts projects as a matter of urgent priority for artists and the arts industry.

Director Opera Schopera / RESEO

"Participation: the compassionate “cutting edge” of classical music education"
Omar Shahryar

To attend YAMsession 2019


Jonas Cisar Romme & 

Roy A Waade


Discover this research project on new kinds of dialogues between artists and teachers where artists and teachers collaborate on student active aesthetic approaches to content and form. Data is analysed continuously and models developed on how such visits can be carried through. The project goes on in the years 2017-2020 and is financed by The Research Council of Norway (NFR) and Arts For Young Audiences Norway (Kulturtanken). The research activities are carried out by Western Norway University College of Applied Sciences (HVL) in collaboration with 8 schools and 8 artist groups.

University College Western Norway

"A New Kind of Dialogue between Artists and Teachers - What to Gain?"
Jonas Cisar Romme & Roy A Waade
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