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YAM Showcases

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Top international artists coming from 6 different countries will showcase their work through a number of different approaches, instruments, lights, colours and languages.


All shows are unique but nonetheless share two common features: they are dedicated to young audiences and have each achieved national acclaim. Check out the amazing productions you will be able to see at YAMsession 2019!

Pic-Nic Rendez-vous

Belgium and United Kingdom

Artist: Rachel Ponsonby & Perry Rose

Target audience: 4 - 8 years

Pic-Nic Rendez Vous

"Pic-nic Rendez-vous" is a show without dialogues, (only a few words are exchanged), whose main language is music. Each piece interpreted by the characters marks a stage of their meeting, reveals the fragility of their relationship but also the strength of their imagination and their desire to have fun together.

These two solitudes that confront each other will find there a common language, despite their immense timidity and the differences they will discover. 

The other language is that of the body, inspired by English pantomimes and American musicals.

A delicate choreography of feelings and attempts, which simply tells how difficult it is to leave one's world to discover another. The poetry of this language and the humor it conveys gives the tone of the show: funny, tender, musical and absurd.​

Funky Currywurst Brothers


Artist: Johannes Bohun and Peter Stavrum Nielsen

Target audience: All ages

Funky Currywurst

Funky Currywurst Brothers is a Danish / Austrian percussion duo consisting of Johannes Bohun and Peter Stavrum Nielsen. Both have toured with the international percussion show "Stomp" since 2001, and now they have taken the energy, the experience, the sharp rhythmic choreographies and the "slapstick" humor with them and formed their own duo in a music genre they call Rhythm & Comedy. Here are virtuoso games on plastic cushions, choreography for office chairs and lots of fun and exciting music with body percussion, melodics and kalimba. A humorous tribute to groovy inventive percussion and good interaction with the kids.


Artist: Tuuletar

Target audience: Older Kids




Tuuletar is a vocal performance group, consisting of four diverse women from Finland. Since 2012 these vibrant musicians have been singing, composing and performing together, creating their own and unique sound and identity. Tuuletar is taking Finnish musical tradition abroad with a novel approach. The band’s virtuoso singers use only their voices to create a vivid sonic landscape, where beatbox rhythms meet Finnish folk tradition and global influences. With their freshly invigorating original music, they are pioneering the genre of Vocal Folk Hop, enchanting audiences globally with their heartfelt, tribal and captivating spirit.




Artist: Laurent Maur / Emilie Calmé


Target audience: 4-8 years



Open your eyes: it is sometimes at the corner of a street that we can find the most important meeting of life! Under the air of a "bad boy", Laurent is a virtuoso of the harmonica; Emilie a brilliant flautist and reserved. The only thing they have in common is that piece of pavement on which they play for passers-by. At first suspicious, they gauge each other, then challenge each other, seek each other out in concert, from New York to Delhi, until finally becoming inseparable. Duologie is a pocket-sized comedy, a small silent cinema filled with melodies, from Bach's Menuet to Naïma by Coltrane, from Django Reinhardt to hand-stitched compositions. It is also a true story told with the fingertips, and which touches the heart.


Who Killed Bambi


Arranger : Mette Dahl Kristensen 

Target audience: 12 - 16 years

Who Killed Bambi

WHO KILLED BAMBI is an experienced string ensemble specialized in studio and live sessions. The ensemble is driven by a musical curiosity and an urge to experiment and seek new musical limits. The musicians are trained in classical music and have experience with folk, jazz and improvisational music. With soloist Ida Wenøe in front, a marvelous musical universe emerges in which there is room for both light and darkness, and the soul is free to soar. The music ranges from Ida’s lyrical songs to intense instrumental tracks spiced with musical surprises.

Lou B.
Lou B..jpg

Lou B.

Target audience: 12+ years


Lou B. is a charming young man of 20, suffering from Morsier syndrome, with an exceptional talent. He plays piano / keyboard, sings and beatboxs; effortlessly imitating famous singers (in all languages.) as well as bringing his own heartfelt compositions that  deal with his life and the difficulties of living it with Morsier syndrome.

Screenshot 2019-09-28 at 15.40.39.png

Moussa Diallo Trio

Target audience: 13+ years



Along with his old friends Frederik and Ingolf, his brand new friend Coco and a little blue rhino, Cirkeline sets off for Africa to find out if chocolate grows on the trees and why Arnold stomps so hard in the ground. Award-winning bassist and composer Moussa Diallo has made the music for Jannik Hastrup's new cartoon, and for this concert, he tells the story and plays the songs from the film together with guitarist Preben Carlsen and percussionist Salieu Dibba. When the African rhythms are rolled out, no one can stay calm and there will be plenty of dancing and singing along with the children.



Target audience: 9-12 years


Vingefang is three folk musicians rooted in the Nordic countries, but all three have traveled and lived in different parts of the world and absorbed the different music and cultures they have met. After having played European music for Brazilian children, they now present Brazilian (and other foreign) music to children in Europe. With impressing artistry, they share beautiful music and merry memories from their travels around the world in “World songs with wing span”

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