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YAM Showcases


Zonzo Compagnie - Tsubasa Hori


Artist: Tsubasa Hori

Welcome to roundABOUT. Zonzo Compagnie's new mini-arena opens its doors for the first time. It is a circular magic box that can accommodate a small audience and a soloist and literally surround them with video and sound. Japanese percussionist Tsubasa Hori sets foot in this magical arena. Her world is that of the Taiko drum, but she also plays a whole range of instruments. Accompanying herself on the Shamisen, she sings songs and narrates.

Her starting point is the Bon dance: a colourful, festive ritual in honour of the spirit realm, the realm of the ancestors that is celebrated extensively in Japan. With video projections by Sarah Yu Zeebroek and Willem Mertens, she evokes a wonderful world, a roundabout of changes and metamorphoses. German director Vera Tussing is responsible for the dramaturgy of the piece and assists Tsubasa with the choreography.

Zonzo Compagnie
Petit Concert

Petit Concert à l'Aube


Artist: Fabienne Van Den Driessche et Benjamin Eppe - Bulle à sons ASBL

Target audience: 2,5 - 7 years old

Petit Concert à l'Aube is a 360° Concert for children from 2,5 to 7 years old. We play a lot of different musics from J.S. Bach, E. Satie,.... to our compositions and improvisations. We try to create an atmosphere, with the lights'creation and our theatral play, that give to every child the opportunity to listen to our music in a quite mood . Petit Concert à l'Aube was the best small ensemble of the Yam awards 2021.

tout_neuf_lionel_blancafort_avril_2017-11 (1).jpg

Tout Neuf


Artist: De Violaine Fournier + Cyrille Louge 

Playful lyric for the small and the elder ones

And if music was a way of listening to Life?

Water streams, wind blows, fire crackles, footsteps resounds on earth… The world surrounding us rustles, vibrates, sings, as well as the amazing musical fruit in the center of this show. Three musician singers are going to open it, feel it, taste it and play it gradually, as a way of (re)experiencing together all first times.

An awakening to Life inspired by Mozart, Bach, Landi, Rossini…

A moment of visual and musical poetry to share as a family.

Tout Neuf
Quatuor Akhtamar-Les Faiseurs de Rêves©Nico Draps.jpg

The Dream Makers


Artist: Akhtamar Quartet

The Dream Makers show explores the place of dreams, friendship and music in an individualized society, where everyone is caught up in the rush of action and time. With the power of their art, the four musicians will succeed in changing the world around them and bring out the lights that shine in all of us. 
The staging of the show, directed by Ségolène Van Der Straten, allows children to grasp the meaning of the story not through the usual means of speech, but by immersing themselves totally in the music. The musicians express themselves through music, communicate, dance, and invite the children to embark on a journey with them... 
Sometimes surrounded or taken to task by the musicians, the children are at the very centre of the artists' journey, of their friendship, their sorrows and their joys. A journey they will not soon forget! 
An original production by the Akhtamar Quartet, directed by Ségolène Van der Straten and staged by Anne Desclée.


Pete Stavrum


Artist: Peter Stavrum Nielsen

Peter sits half asleep, dreaming on a chair, the clock goes tick tock tik and takes on the role of metronome, a kind of anchor in this percussive dream world where abstract sound effects and body percussion go hand in hand in a humorous rhythmic virtuoso awakening. It will be the starting point of a somewhat crazy day filled with drum bonanza on buckets, handpan, rubber chicken, Indian drone box and a simple yoga pose. The concert shows a curious, fun and rhythmic way of storytelling and showing that there are sounds and music in everything and everywhere.

Pete Stavrum
Gigambitus_©_DR (3).jpeg



Artist: Julien Moneret + Mathias Chanon-Varreau - La Dôze Compagnie

In the shadow of the "stars" of the family, the guitar and the violin, here are two-stringed instruments that are worth a visit, although there is a difference... in size between them! Between the giant of the symphony orchestra and its tiny cousin from the islands, the range* is indeed enormous; but do you have to be similar to get along? Certainly not! Together, Mathias Chanon-Varreau and Julien Moneret are not only funny: the whole range of emotions is at their fingertips. Their implacable virtuosity gives their letters of nobility to this improbable duo, with a repertoire tinged with multiple influences, from classical to gipsy jazz, and even a few songs in which a third instrument slips right in between the other two: the voice. An irreverent and tender tribute to teachers, professionals and all apprentice musicians, from the youngest to the oldest.


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Antti Paalanen
WhatsApp Image 2022-05-17 at 12.35.45 PM.jpeg

Antti Paalanen


Artist: Antti Paalanen

Musician and composer Antti Paalanen (b. 1977) has been prominent in the field of Finnish contemporary folk music for many years. Antti Paalanen makes his music on the bisonoric (diatonic) accordion, a common instrument in Finnish folk music for the past century. Paalanen has employed an organic performance style, new techniques and new expressive sonorities to expand the potential of the instrument to embrace a variety of genres. In Paalanen’s music, man and accordion breathe the same air and exude the same energy. He creates a one-man band, simultaneously producing bass, harmony, melody, vocals and percussion. The result is a massive, pulsating wall of sound where at times it is impossible to tell whether it is the musician or the instrument producing the sound.

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