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YAM Speakers 2024

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Fortissimo: A New Era in Classical Music Learning

Explore the world of classical music like never before with Fortissimo, an innovative platform that combines inspiring lessons, a child-friendly educational app, and a virtual reality music lab.


Fortissimo makes classical music accessible and engaging through playful and interactive lesson series. This tool is ideal for classroom instruction, providing action-oriented activities and games to inspire a fresh appreciation for classical music. With Fortissimo, classical music is no longer a distant relic but an immersive journey that captivates listeners of all ages

Valeria Told


Valeria Told has extensive experience managing cultural institutions. She led the Haydn Foundation of Bolzano and Trento and the INDA Foundation for 12 years, earning numerous awards and establishing significant international collaborations.


She founded Fortissimo, a startup that brings together 23 institutions from 14 European countries in a digital education project to introduce young people to classical music.

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