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YAM Producers Forum '23

The YAMsession Producers Forum turns good productions into great ones!

The YAMsession Producers Forum brings together a local young audiences production with international producers and performance experts.

The production first performs live for the YAMsession with their existing work

After they are whisked away by the producers and over the course of the next 2 days they work together to make a 'new' production


It is presented again on the final day. The whole process is followed by the audience who is encouraged to give input and reflections on what transforms a good production into a great one!

Meet the Producers

Rune Thorsteinsson


Rune Thorsteinsson is a composer and performer based in Copenhagen/ Denmark.

As an artist Rune has been performing for young audiences around the world with his trio Body Rhythm Factory, as a solo performer with the project Global Compositions and in collaboration with symphony Orchestras with the ensemble Rune Thorsteinsson Patchwork. 

In 2013, he received the YAM Award with the trio Body Rhythm Factory.

As a teacher Rune has been teaching several years at the Rhythmic Music Conservatories in Copenhagen and has been producing music education videos for schools in collaboration with Danish National Television (DR)

Screenshot 2023-10-25 at 17.39.40.png

Nika Bauman


Nika Bauman is a versatile artist based in Vienna, Austria. She's a musician, director, choreographer, performer, producer, and stage manager. Her creative journey led her to create the Synesthetic Project ensemble in 2018, blending classical and contemporary music with dance, video, and animation. Nika's work with the ensemble has received acclaim and support from various cultural institutions.

In 2023, she co-founded TAKT Kulturverein, taking on the role of artistic director. She's also involved in organizing the Milch x Honig Festival. As a musician, Nika contributes her talents to diverse groups like Ensemble Illyrica, Mimika, and Živa Voda. In the realm of Young Audiences, she's been part of several productions in Austria, and in 2024, she's set to collaborate with prominent venues. Additionally, Nika's work as an assistant director and her direction of "Baduuum!" for children exemplify her multifaceted artistic journey.

Meet the Production

Grupo de Musica Raiz of the Tatuí Conservatory 

The Raiz Music Group at Tatuí Conservatory, formed in 2018, interprets Brazilian Roots music through instrumental and vocal performances with diverse musical ensembles.


The group comprises approximately ten members, students specializing in Popular Music (MPB/Jazz) and Classical Music, serving both artistic and educational objectives. Members practice a repertoire encompassing the rhythmic diversity of traditional Brazilian music and engage in research and ear training. Since their debut, the group has gained recognition, performing across São Paulo and collaborating with renowned artists like Paulo Freire and Zé Mulato and Cassiano


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Discover previous Producers Forums!

Porin String Quartet | 2015 

For the Producer's Forum 2015, the Porin String Quartet was challenged and supported by producers Wouter Van Looy (Zonzo Compagnie, Belgium) and Katarina Bonander (Musik Uppland, Sweden) to bring their performance to the next level.

Kraja | 2014

In November 2014 in Umeå (Sweden), two producers from two different countries, having never each other, were set to work with Kraja, a local Swedish vocal quartet. The aim was to look at their performance for young audiences with new eyes and ears and to see what they could do together.

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