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Thursday 6th Nov

Call for Productions

Showcase your music production at the YAMsession 2017

YAMsession is looking for the world’s best live music productions for young audiences to showcase at the upcoming YAMsession in Porto (Portugal) from the 4th to the 6th September 2017.​

Complete information in PDF

latest by April 30th, 17:00 CET

YAMsession is an annual international event for creative professionals working in the field of young audiences music development: producers, bookers, organisers, intellectuals and artists.

"Being part of the YAMsession was a great experience! We got a lot concert offers on that account - more than we can actually play, so that was really positive. I can highly recommend a trip to wherever the YAMsession is taking place, it's a great event and a great show window for young audiences musicians.” 

Rune Thorsteinsson,
Body Rhythm Factory (Denmark)



  1. Showcases must be 30mins in duration.

  2. YAMsession does not cover the artists’ travels to Porto. 

  3. YAMsession does not cover the accommodation of any showcase artists. 

  4. YAMsession does not cover a performance fee of any kind.

  5. YAMsession offers free participation in the entire event for all showcasing productions. 

  6. YAMsession offers lunch and dinner during the artists stay at YAMsession.

  7. Productions should be connected to a local JMI member. For a list of members please visit Please check with your local JMI member if they have the possibility to support your participation.


Don't forget to attach the group's technical rider & stage plan.

*Please note that applying for a YAMsession showcase is not the equivalent as applying for the YAMawards application, which must be made separately.  


If you have any questions please contact or call us on +32 2 513 97 74.

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