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YAM Speakers '23


Connecting the Dots

In "Connecting the Dots" storytelling's significant impact across creative fields is examined. This multimedia artist and composer David Chocron exploration of narrative explores its relationship with music, dance, visual arts, and cuisine. Creative cross-training enriches the work of artists, producers, students, and arts enthusiasts.


The Philosophy of Story, The Anatomy of Story, and The Implementation of Story explore why we tell tales, what makes them fascinating, and how to write better ones. Suitable for authors, filmmakers, content developers, educators, musicians, and story enthusiasts. Join us for an uplifting look at storytelling' power in all art forms.

David Chocron

USA / Norway

David Chocron, a versatile Oslo-based artist, excels in video design, music, and directing. His contributions to award-winning recordings and orchestral collaborations showcase his multifaceted artistic talents.


Notably, he scripted eco-documentaries and directed Cannes Film Festival feature "Wonders of the Ocean."

Connecting the Dots is David’s reflection on the creative process, the connection between art forms and the important function of storytelling in all of them.

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"What does it take for young audiences to have meaningful art experiences in school?"

The WOW Experience (WOW) project, backed by Erasmus+, investigated the integration of professional performing arts into schools. Concluded in August 2023 with nine partners from multiple countries, it unveiled differing student engagement levels in art across schools. To bridge these gaps, the partners collaborated to produce a valuable toolbox of insights.


Natasha will present The WOW Experience and this toolbox in her upcoming talk, with the goal of enhancing the impact of professional art encounters for students

Natasha managed the launch of "The Cultural Schoolbag," "Marked for Musikk" showcase, and the EU-project "The WOW Experience."

Natasha Peevor-Johnson


Natasha holds a BA(Hons) in Music Industry Management since 1998. She gained experience at Maximum Music and Sony Music (UK), managing diverse projects. In 2006, she joined Vestfold County Council in Norway, dedicating 17 years to youth arts and culture. Notably, she managed the launch of "The Cultural Schoolbag," "Marked for Musikk" showcase, and the EU-project "The WOW Experience."


"Beyond the concert – live music as a tool for wider learning and wellbeing in schools"

In this session Liz Muge from MishMash Productions (UK) will explore the opportunities for long-term relationships with schools using live music as a tool for wider learning whilst at the same time transforming perceptions of classical music and jazz by facilitating warm and welcoming relationships with music and musicians.

MishMash Productions launched their Musician in Residence programme in September 2022 providing live music experiences in primary schools in areas of high deprivation across the UK to support the whole school curriculum, enrichment experiences, wellbeing initiatives and community engagement. She will paint a picture of how the project operates in schools enabling mutually respectful collaboration and cocreation between teachers and musicians, tapping into creative approaches to learning (beyond the arts curriculum), and normalising genres of music often considered inaccessible and elitist.

Liz Muge

United Kingdom

Liz Muge has worked in music since graduating from Leeds University in 1999.After realising the world didn't need second-rate oboists, she focused on giving kids and teens the best musical experiences.The Education Director at Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, Regional Officer for Youth Music, CEO of Make Some Noise, and Business Development Manager at Nottingham Music Service have all been part of this journey.

Liz is passionate about music and the impact great music can have on all people, particularly small people.  After 15 years working in Music Education, and following a period of research funded by Arts Council England, Liz established MishMash Productions in 2014 to create magical, original music for young audiences.

To see these amazing speakers live

To see these amazing speakers live

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