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Top international artists coming from across Europe will showcase their work through a number of different approaches, instruments, lights, colours and languages.


All shows are unique but nonetheless share two common features: they are dedicated to young audiences and have each achieved national acclaim. Check out the amazing productions you will be able to see at YAMsession 2021!

Pep's Lemon


Artist: Sophie Aupied / Olivier Schlegelmilch / Claire Lebrun

Target audience: 6 - 15 years


The trio Pep's Lemon is first and foremost three friends who wish to convey in music the sparkling and luminous universe that animates them.


Composed of double bass, an accordion, cello and percussions, this group frees itself from classical sounds by offering a style with pop, jazz, tango and contemporary music influences. These three musicians from different backgrounds, intertwine their strings with the poetic breath of the accordion.


Emblematic of a new generation punchy and open to the world, composing like a pop group, they take us from African jungles in maritime reveries, improvisations on alarm bells in impromptu juggling. Face to face, sitting, standing, lying, upside down, they happily invite us to ignore all conformism. 



Artist: Esko Jarvela / Tero Hyvaluoma

Target audience: 6 - 18 years

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Teho.'s musicians are extremely versatile professionals, who know the Nordic Folk Music tradition inside out. The duo is an open-minded, humorous and intense violin marsh that does not shy away from tossing traditional violin uses to replace them with its own views. It seamlessly combines "Finnish violinism", "Norwegian halling", "Swedish-polish bebopy", western swing and new, self-composed folk music woven with a harsh swing and sassy grip. Järvelä and Hyväluoma combine musical elements widely and creatively, they master their instruments on a virtuoso level giving them unlimited musical possibilities. 

Global Composition Live


Artist: Rune Thorsteinsson

Target audience: 10 - 16 years


Global Compositions is an award-winning, compositional travel adventure. The project originates from a world tour where multi-instrumentalist and composer Rune Thorsteinsson played with musicians from all over the world music cultures. Among other things, a samba orchestra in Rio, gumboot dancers in Johannesburg, poetry reading and pencil beats in India, cave concerts in the Faroe Islands and much more. For the concert, live music, documentaries, travel stories and audience interactions are mixed. Rune Thorsteinsson has received Carl Prize, Danish Music Awards, 6 stars in Gaffa and 5 hearts in Politiken for Global Compositions.


Avant les mots


Artist: Emmanuel Ricard / Guylaine Cosseron

Target audience: 6 months - 8 years


On an imaginary island, a duo of sound explorers invents a story. With the spontaneity of the first moments of life, when language was without words, pebbles, shells, pieces of wood and metals come to life. Whispering and vibrating, primitive songs and multiple sounds, instruments and objects rub and clash while joining the voice. From these explorations, great harmonic curves are drawn and give birth to rhythms and melodies as surprising as they are familiar. Avant les Mots takes the audience close to the stage, out of time, into an unusual musical universe, an emotional bubble conducive to creativity and the awakening of the senses.

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