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YAM Showcases '23


The Fluteman Show

Artist: Gabor Vosteen



Gabor rises to his ambition of saving the world with the most significant instrument of humankind in THE FLUTEMAN SHOW, employing astounding features of the recorder never heard or seen before.


With a plethora of plastic flutes, a rocky electric-flute, the only leopard-bass flute on the planet, and many sassy recorder tricks, he accomplishes his mission: Bach, Paganini, pop-music, original compositions, and great comedy culminate in the unheard realm of Gabor Vosteen, the maestro of flutes.

Zonzo Compagnie
Petit Concert
Daniel & Almir.jpg

A Thousand Buttons & Four Strings

Balkan / Norway

Artists: Daniel & Almir


Two musicians, once divided by conflicts, now perform together, their instruments telling stories of their homeland. They use soulful melodies and intricate rhythms to express their friendship's journey and artistic growth.


Fate brought them to Norway, bonding them through their love for music. Their show unveils personal stories, showcasing the challenges and victories they encountered while chasing their dreams. As they reflect on their childhoods and cultural heritage, the audience gains a deep understanding of the cultural influences shaping their music.


Their chosen instruments, the accordion and the violin, not only represent their personal experiences but also highlight the universal struggles of musicians striving for excellence.

Tout Neuf
Mishmash Concert 23 Alijphotos-165.jpg

Mish Mash Ensemble

Artist: Rosanna Ter Berg, Timothy Keasley, Benjamin Garalnick, Daria Phillips, Poppy Beddoe

United Kingdom

Join the MishMash Ensemble on a delightful musical journey designed for 7 to 11-year-olds and their families/schools. Experience the charm of the wind quintet as they bring to life a performance filled with warmth, excitement, and magic. 
Be mesmerized by Paquito D'rivera's Aires Tropicales, let G.F. Handel's Sonata for Oboe envelop you in its welcoming embrace, whilst Valerie Coleman's Red Clay and Mississippi Delta transports you through classical chamber music into the blues of the deep south. 


To see these amazing showcases live

To see these amazing showcases live

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