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YAM Producers Forum

The YAM Producers Forum aims at turning good productions into great ones!

The YAMsession Producers Forum brings together a local young audiences production with international producers and performance experts.

The production first performs live for the YAMsession with their existing work

After they are whisked away by the producers and over the course of the next 2 days they work together to make a 'new' production


It is presented again on the final day. The whole process is followed by the audience who is encouraged to give input and reflections on what transforms a good production into a great one!

Anita Santesson


Anita has been working with film and culture since 1987 and loves the idea of mixing arts and culture. Among other things, she made the documentary The Middle East Peace Orchestra, about Jewish and Arab musicians playing for peace (DR Danish tv.) . She also made Aaron's new land, a 4 part TV-series production for UR (Swedish TV) about the Jewish history in Sweden. She received the Children's Novel Prize 2014 (SR Sweden's radio) for the book 5768 views on YouTube, which she wrote with the Romani musician and tradition bearer Ralf Novak Rosengren. Anita and Vargkatten Produktions produced The Nordic Romani Festival, that won the price best festival At Folk och Världsmusikgalan 2013. She also directed and produced Bach in the Street, which won the YAMawards Best Small Ensemble 2018

Thomas  Guérineau


Thomas Guérineau began juggling since the age of 15. He trained juggling, acrobatics, mime, dance, music at the Annie Fratellini French school from 92 to 96. It is during these years that the art of the gesture took importance for him in contact with Philippe Minella. Between 1998 and 2000, he creates several contemporary-inspired shows in which the work of juggling, dance and music were closely intertwined and from 2002, his work of musical juggling started to express itself more manifestly. In 2007, he founded and co-directed La Maison des Jonglages, which today has one of the largest international juggling festivals, “La Rencontre des Jonglages". Since 2011, he created four pieces of musical juggling produced by his Company TG : “Circulaire”, “Duet Thomas Guérineau & Matchume Zango”, “Maputo-Mozambique” & “Lumière, impact et continuité”.


"Kolibri is a Danish trio where woodwinds are brought out of the classical context and genres with a more rhythmic approach. They have armed themselves with clarintes, flutes and loopstations and venture into arranging contemporary songs in new and exciting ways. In this project Kolibri cooperate with singer-songwriter Andrea, whose Danish poetry weaves a delicate layer on top of the experimental soundscapes of Kolibri."



Andrea Klausen: Vocal

Clara Overby Drew: Flute and beatbox 

Mette Hommel: Flute and altoflute 

Sofie Kirk Østergaard: Clarinet, Bass clarinet and loopstation. 

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Discover previous Producers Forums!

Porin String Quartet | 2015 

For the Producer's Forum 2015, the Porin String Quartet was challenged and supported by producers Wouter Van Looy (Zonzo Compagnie, Belgium) and Katarina Bonander (Musik Uppland, Sweden) to bring their performance to the next level.

Kraja | 2014

The In November 2014 in Umeå (Sweden), two producers from two different countries, having never each other, were set to work with Kraja, a local Swedish vocal quartet. The aim was to look at their performance for young audiences with new eyes and ears and to see what they could do together.